Rich performance information

Whether you need to analyse the performance of a station, an operator, or a service, with TAPI Rail Performance you can filter down precisely to the data you need.

Delay-repay evidence

All the information you need to assess delay-repay claims. All cancellations, and scheduled, expected and actual times, for every single journey and every GB station.

Consistent with official sources

All data is based on Darwin Pushport, the official National Rail feed from the Rail Delivery Group.

No-hassle API integration at any scale

We handle huge volumes of source data, so you don't have to. We record every GB train movement in real time. You search the archive to find what you need.

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What can you do with it?

Develop innovative delay-repay apps and services

Develop innovative delay-repay apps and services

Passengers often have vague descriptions of their journeys: misspelled station names; vague departure and arrival times; rough estimates of how late they were.

The TAPI Rail Performance search functions hone down to a set of results based on this partial information, from which the target journey can be selected.

The actual behaviour - aimed, expected, and actual arrival and departure times, and cancellation information - is stored throughout each journey. So beyond the scheduled and actual times, it is possible to recreate the official real time information that was available to the passenger.

Retrieval is quick and interactive despite the volume of data being managed, so can be used in passenger-facing apps and websites.

Integrate into call centre systems

Integrate into call centre systems

The exact same endpoints that power passenger-facing apps and websites can be used in call-centres, providing staff with an official source to handle delay-repay phone calls.

Since the information is served via machine-readable API rather than a website, this can be integrated directly into existing call-centre systems, saving the need for staff to switch between systems.

Generate rich rail performance reports

Generate rich rail performance reports

Need more from your rail performance reports? If you can't extract what you need from your existing systems, then downloading the journeys that match your required criteria (date ranges, service IDs, operators, stations, etc) can provide you with the data you need to calculate exactly the statistics that you need.

This can help dive deeper than official reports, and identify the specific services and times that where performance dips below targets.

How it works

Integrated and scalable API, backed by powerful filters

Integrated and scalable API, backed by powerful filters

The RESTful JSON API is easy to use, across apps, web services, data mining applications, or bulk download for import into other analytic tools. See our Documentation for how to integrate this feature into your application logic.

TAPI Rail Performance uses the same API design principles and referencing systems as all other TAPI products, so you can pair with TAPI Places to search for train stations, and TAPI Rail Information to compare past and current journey behaviour.

Complete data sources

Complete data sources

We maintain an archive of actual train journey behaviour extending back several months, that can be retrieved quickly using easy to use filters. This avoids the overhead of having to store all the information and trawl through it yourself.

Whatever the cause of delayed or cancelled journeys, we maintain a complete and accurate archive of each passenger train's progress - or lack of it - through its journey.

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