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Access multimodal UK transport data at scale

Our managed services handle the transport data, you focus on your business. Simple integration via APIs. Always fresh data managed seamlessly in the cloud.

What is a managed service for transport data?

Plug and play

Full data lifecycle management behind an API

A transport data managed service handles all stages of the data lifecycle, so you don't have to: creation, maintenance, publishing, analysis, archival.

All data sits behind a flexible and scalable API so you can easily access and publish the data to thousands of concurrent users.

Our managed services operate on the principle of automated data quality monitoring and reporting any errors directly to the data vendors instead of "patching" the data. This gives you greater control and confidence over the data and fixing errors at source.

Always fresh and accurate data

Don’t want to show stale data to your customers so they end up walking in the rain to a bus stop which is closed, or waiting for a bus which no longer runs? We constantly refresh the data for you, so that doesn’t happen.

All the industry standard data sources

Our managed services ingest, blend and manage all the relevant open data sources in the UK to give you maximum data coverage not just in the big cities, but also in the rural areas. Ability to blend in your proprietary data where it makes sense.

Data Quality peace of mind

Depending on the managed service, you get extra visibility over data quality of static and realtime data before it's published and continuously after it goes live. This helps you fix any data problems ASAP before your customers spot them and complain on social media.

No-hassle integration at any scale

Seamlessly publish data by pull or push. Easy to integrate and service thousands of concurrent connections. It’s a breeze to reach your customers!

Support, guarantees and scale

We handle thousands of mission critical API request data payloads per second and provide the SLAs and guarantees to back them. We provide regular and extended support to help you deliver your projects smoothly.

Friendly T&Cs

No nasty surprises from us on copyright or IP. We’ve got all the clearances sorted and we don’t retain any rights downstream on anything that you make or develop. No restrictions: use the data as you see fit.

What can you do with it?

Transport data for apps and websites

Power your transit app or website with transport data

The user experience in transit apps revolves around different screens for each stage of the user journey, from locating the user and showing them nearby transport points of access, to helping them specify their destination and make a journey plan.

Our managed services contain purpose built API endpoints serving data to power your transit app's screens with fresh and accurate data. Great data means high user satisfaction and five star app reviews.

Data mining and data-driven insights

Data mining and data-driven insights

Sometimes you need data at great scale to generate the insights you need.

Maybe you want to run a million journey plans across your estate of office buildings to calculate and optimise travel times for your employees? Or maybe you need to monitor thousands of moving buses over a month to find and fix the bottlenecks of your local transport network to reduce congestion and keep passengers happy?

Our managed services can help you source the transport data for those data mining jobs so you can drive the best insights and achieve the best outcomes for your analysis.

Analytics and data quality reports

Analytics and data quality reports

We know, transport can often feel big, complex and intimidating and you can easily get lost in a sea of data. Unless you have a map and compass handy.

Our managed services offer powerful analytics that help you map out and make sense of your static and realtime transport data such as bus or rail schedules or realtime movements.

You get access to rich data quality reports allowing you to spot and fix the problems with your data to help maintain positive reviews and high scores on app stores.

Import, blend and export data

Import, blend and export data

Our set of managed services gives you the best toolkit of specialised tools for different kinds of transport data.

We pull in all the relevant government open data and can also blend it with your proprietary data in various ways.

Our managed services can also convert and export data into the forms you want, such as having TXC schedules feeds converted to multimodal national GTFS format, or having SIRI data feeds converted to a more developer friendly RESTful JSON API form.

How it works


Easy and scalable APIs

Our managed services offer polling and streaming APIs to retrieve and publish data.

Seamlessly integrate our polling RESTful JSON APIs into your backend systems or web and mobile apps to power screens that automatically refresh every few seconds.

Some managed services also offer streaming Websocket JSON-RPC APIs enabling you to send push notifications to the customer's device.

If you need scale, we've got your back. We handle hundreds of polling requests and streaming payloads per second, and we power 25% of UK transit apps by operator market share.


Subscription based, multiple plans available

Our managed services are subscription based like Netflix and come with a choice of different plans.

You've got a choice between value plans with lower allowances for the home users and high volume business grade plans for the commercial users. Trial periods available.

Visit our developer portal to sign up or get in touch to talk to a sales representative about your monthly subscription.


Developer portal

Our developer portal is where you sign up for our managed services, configure user and organisation credentials and track your usage.

You also get access to rich, interactive documentation for the different API endpoints across our estate and a series of API usage examples which quickly demonstrate how to implement access to our APIs in bite-sized chunks.

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TAPI Journey Planner

Multimodal journey planning for any use case.

Single API integration, choice from all the industry leading journey planners. Balance cost, speed and detail.

TAPI Bus Information

Attract more customers with accurate bus passenger information.

Get data errors fixed before your customers spot them and raise your app ratings.

Nationwide rail schedules and realtime information via API or GTFS.

TAPI Bus Fares

Help users factor price into their journey planning, with Britain's first, nationwide bus fares API.

Add bus fares data to your mobile app or website, and increase take up of public transport.

TAPI Bus Performance

Analyse and improve the performance of your bus fleet. Traffic Commissioner performance reports made easy.

Use your own trusted data sources or power from BODS. Delivery at scale via an API.

TAPI Rail Information

Attract more customers with accurate rail passenger information.

Nationwide rail schedules and realtime information via API or GTFS.

TAPI Rail Performance

Complete archive, based on official National data sources.

Power your delay-repay app. Retrieve previous journeys matching passenger descriptions.

TAPI Places

Help users find access points for public transport across Great Britain by using an API tailored for 🇬🇧 transport.

Seamless integration with 🇬🇧 transport datasets.

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