Proven track record

Blue chip customers and digital agencies have trusted us to provide an excellent service for more than 10 years - powering 25% of apps by operator market share. More than 10,000 developers have signed up to the platform, delivered successful projects and built great apps on it.

Industry experts

We’ve been at the forefront of UK open transport data for a decade now. We’ve got skin in the game, we know all the key data players and we can broker solutions and resolve data problems for you. Plus we're geeks at heart and like tinkering with transport data.

A collaborative, predictable and flexible partner

We care about yours and your customer’s success: your problems are our problems or the customer won’t be happy. We’re flexible: we can subcontract for you or work directly with the customer; we can be a passive data supplier or an active partner which helps build the customer experience. Your call.

Support, guarantees and scale

We handle thousands of mission critical API requests data payloads per second and provide the SLAs and guarantees to back them. We provide regular and extended support to help you and your customers deliver projects smoothly.

trusted by

We have worked with TransportAPI for five years and use their services as the primary data source for the FirstBus mobile app for real-time information departure boards, stop information and occupancy data. Collaborating with their team to produce an architecturally secure and performant solution was a great experience and has resulted in robust and highly utilised features for customers.

We worked closely with TransportAPI for a global automotive company, would love to work with them again, and would recommend them highly. They were flexible, resourceful and brought deep collaboration to our fast moving project. Bringing real world data into our innovation project hugely increased the client's confidence and understanding of technical feasibility even in the early discovery work we did together.

Matt Cooper-Wright, Senior Design Director, IDEO

We've worked with David Mountain and the team at TransportAPI for a number of years. Throughout this time, they have been consistently responsive to queries and very knowledgable. Their Managed Service APIs reliable and we know the data therein can be trusted.

TransportAPI were an indispensable partner to us. We relied on them to provide us with the right data in an easy-to-consume format, so we were able to focus on delivering the best possible user experience for our end customers. I highly valued their professionalism, crystal clear communication and flexibility in their roadmap to support the user experience and use cases we had envisioned.

I've worked with TransportAPI in various capacities and have always been impressed by the quality of their data and engineering. They're the behind the scenes data that's powering many important connected transport services.

What can you do with it?

Transport data for apps and websites

Add transport data for your customer’s app or website

Maybe you’re building a transit app for an operator which wants to help users plan their journeys with them and sell them tickets? Or maybe you’re helping a restaurant chain add a “how to get there” widget on their website? Or something similar?

Whether it’s an app or website for a customer, our transport data APIs got you covered.

Check out our managed services and what APIs are bundled within them.

Or browse our API usage examples to see detailed guides of how to code against our APIs and explore some cool real life use cases.

Transport insights via data mining

Deliver transport insights to your customer by mining our data

Got an analytics consulting gig with a customer looking for deep transport insights?

Whether it's a one-off job or a recurring analysis, you need complete and accurate transport datasets that you can process with your analytics tools of choice to find the answers your customer is looking for.

Gather data to analyse things like average travel times across a set of locations, e.g. office buildings, or bus route deviations against the planned routes or the rate of cancelled services against timetables.

Batch processing is also an option, ask us for details.

Data layer or active partner

Bring us in as a passive data layer or an active partner

In most cases you just need some transport data for your project: sign up, add some API calls to your codebase, done ✅. That's absolutely fine and that's what most users already get with our off-the-shelf managed services and their respective APIs.

In case you've got more advanced requirements besides getting some data, need one-off advice or need an active partner to join the customer's team on an ongoing basis, we do that as well 👍! We've successfully built such partnerships over the years and have driven even better outcomes for the customers, so we're always up for it.

How it works

Engage early

Best to start talking early

We know how it goes: you win the project, have a nice kickoff and start working with the customer. Deadlines approach, plans change and you realise your assumptions about transport data acquisition are proven wrong.

This is often the stage where digital agency partners knock on our door. Sure, we can still help but the earlier you bring us in, typically the better the outcome.

We can help you see what’s possible with our managed services, show you what data is available, advise on the integration with us and the user experience and bring the most value to you and your customer.

The early bird gets the worm.


Product roadmap alignment

We're a product company which strives to build products which are really useful to our partners and customers. And there's no better way to build useful products than to dive deep with you and explore your and your customer's problems and how to best solve it via our products.

Most of our products have come to exist based on user needs and deep exploration of their requirements. By working closely with us, we can better design the product features that you want, put them on our product roadmap and implement them in time so you can delight your customer.

That's the beauty of subscription based SaaS products: you keep using the product and it keeps getting better and better.

Browse all managed services

TAPI Journey Planner

Multimodal journey planning for any use case.

Single API integration, choice from all the industry leading journey planners. Balance cost, speed and detail.

TAPI Bus Information

Attract more customers with accurate bus passenger information.

Get data errors fixed before your customers spot them and raise your app ratings.

Nationwide rail schedules and realtime information via API or GTFS.

TAPI Bus Fares

Help users factor price into their journey planning, with Britain's first, nationwide bus fares API.

Add bus fares data to your mobile app or website, and increase take up of public transport.

TAPI Bus Performance

Analyse and improve the performance of your bus fleet. Traffic Commissioner performance reports made easy.

Use your own trusted data sources or power from BODS. Delivery at scale via an API.

TAPI Rail Information

Attract more customers with accurate rail passenger information.

Nationwide rail schedules and realtime information via API or GTFS.

TAPI Rail Performance

Complete archive, based on official National data sources.

Power your delay-repay app. Retrieve previous journeys matching passenger descriptions.

TAPI Places

Help users find access points for public transport across Great Britain by using an API tailored for 🇬🇧 transport.

Seamless integration with 🇬🇧 transport datasets.

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