Rail passenger information in the hands of your customers

Access realtime rail passenger information nationwide. Publish instant updates to your users’ screens or generate printed timetables via TAPI Rail Information.

Nationwide data coverage

Need data outside the big cities? TAPI Rail Information gives you complete nationwide coverage to show your customers rail passenger information in every corner of the country.

No-hassle integration at any scale

Data gets seamlessly published via a REST JSON API which automatically scales with demand - it is a breeze to integrate.

Always fresh and accurate data

Don’t want to send your users rushing for a cancelled train or waiting at the wrong platform? We constantly refresh the data for you, so that doesn’t happen.

What can you do with it?

Power your app or website with rail passenger information

Power your app or website with rail passenger information

Making station departures and routes available to your customers allows them to plan rail journeys that work for them. When on the move, it helps them get to the station on time, without either missing their train, or hanging around for a cancelled departure.

Happy customers are the best way to get great app reviews.

Before you show the realtime rail departures for a train station nearby, via a specialised API, you’d most likely need to know a code of the train station, to feed into the API. Use TAPI Places to find that 3 letter alpha code or any other identifier that you might need.

Export to GTFS

Export to GTFS

Rail schedules data from National Rail and Network Rail comes in fiat data formats not widely supported by software tools and requiring complex custom parsing and maintenance logic.

TAPI Rail Information converts this nationwide schedules data into GTFS and enables you to unlock all the potential that comes with this international industry standard.

Maybe you want to import all British rail schedules into your journey planning engine, export printed timetables or run some analytics? The sky is the limit when you've got the GTFS.

How it works


Easy and scalable API

The RESTful JSON API is easy to consume and integrate into backend systems or web and mobile apps. No need to read the hundreds of pages of PDF documentation and complex XSD schemas required to parse, import and maintain complex data in CIF, XML or JSON formats. TAPI Rail Information does that out-of-the-box for you and you get a simple API.

Oh.. and don’t worry about scale. We handle hundreds of API queries per second for about 25% of the UK transit apps by user market share.

Rail data sources

Powered by British open data

TAPI Rail Information manages and blends industry open data sources from the DfT, Network Rail and National Rail Enquiries to provide you with complete national data coverage.

On the static side, TAPI Rail Information uses the Network Rail SCHEDULE and CORPUS data, the National Rail Enquiries train stations data and DfT NaPTAN to provide a solid foundation for all static data API requests as well as exporting GTFS.

On the RTI side, TAPI Rail Information builds on top of the static data by overlaying it with the TRUST data feeds from Network Rail, as well as the Darwin Web Service Staff data feed from National Rail Enquiries.

Sounds good?

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