All 🇬🇧 transport places behind a uniform API

Looking for bus or tram stops, train or tube stations, postcodes, POIs, settlements, regions or streets in Great Britan? You’ve found the right place.

No-hassle integration at any scale

Data is accessed via a superfast REST JSON API. Easy and simple to integrate, great for powering snappy map displays.

Friendly Terms & Conditions

Are onerous T&Cs preventing you from achieving your goals? You are allowed to only use one visual mapping layer with the data? We’re different: use and show the data anyway you want.

Always fresh and accurate data

Don’t want to send your users to wait at a bus stop which is temporarily closed, right? We constantly refresh the data for you, so that doesn’t happen.

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What can you do with it?

Location data for apps and websites

Power your transit app or website with location data

User interaction with transit apps always starts with a location.

Maybe it’s showing where the user stands on a map and what’s nearby?

Or maybe it’s letting the user type in a search box and presenting them with corresponding places to travel to, or look up departure boards?

Use TAPI Places to give your users a great first impression of your app or website by helping them find nearby places from which to board their next ride, or plan a journey.

Integrates with journey planners and realtime transit APIs

Feed into Journey Planners and realtime transit APIs

Before you do a journey plan from A to B, you need to first define A and B, right? Use TAPI Places to help your users search for A and B. Let them choose from easy to understand British public transport access point suggestions.

Similarly, before you show the realtime bus departures for a bus stop via a specialised API, you’d most likely need to know a code of the bus stop, to feed into the API. Use TAPI Places to find that ATCO code or any other identifier that you might need.

Translate between 🇬🇧 transport places referencing systems

Translate between 🇬🇧 transport places referencing systems

Yup, we know, British places are complicated. Multiple names for the same place, especially when talking computer system names.

For instance, the “Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre” bus stop has an ATCO code “3300NS0280” and a geographic location of (53.19778, -1.06685). Also, Nottingham train station has a CRS code of “NOT”, a TIPLOC code of “NTNG” and a geographic location of (52.947073, -1.146382). It's rather complex.

TAPI Places supports translation, geocoding and reverse geocoding for all British places data, so you can successfully navigate those different names and referencing systems. It supports CRS codes, TIPLOC codes, ATCO codes, postcodes, geographic points and others.

How it works


Easy and scalable API

The RESTful JSON API is easy to consume and integrate into backend systems or web and mobile apps. Just ask one of the thousands of developers who have signed up for our APIs and integrated with them.

Oh.. and don’t worry about scale. We handle hundreds of API queries per second for about 25% of the UK transit apps by operator market share.

Places data sources

Complete set of 🇬🇧 places data sources

TAPI Places blends in all the major places open data sources in Great Britain and keeps it up-to-date, so you don’t have to.

Data sources under management include NaPTAN, Network Rail CORPUS, Traveline TNDS, BODS, OSM, Ordnance Survey Codepoint, TfL open data and more.

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