New Product Release: TAPI Rail Information

29 Sep 2021 by David Mountain

At TransportAPI, we have been serving rail schedules data and real-time information (RTI) for almost ten years. Today we are relaunching our rail offer as TAPI Rail Information, inline with our other Managed Services.

Clients who trust us to serve their customers with accurate rail passenger information include Great Western Railway, Heathrow, Avanti West Coast, and Travel South Yorkshire.

Our API can scale to handle any demand thrown at it, and the information can be used in whatever way is required, from mobiles, desktops, and static display screens, to virtual assistants like Alexa.

Currently, TransportAPI serve over 100 million rail information API requests per year, covering schedules and RTI for both train station departures, and the calling points of rail journeys.

TAPI Rail Information aggregates industry open data sources from the DfT, Network Rail and National Rail Enquiries for complete national data coverage. This includes:

  • Network Rail’s CORPUS and DfT NaPTAN for station information;
  • Network Rail’s SCHEDULE and National Rail Enquiries for rail schedules;
  • Network Rail TRUST feeds and National Rail Enquiries’s Darwin Web Service for RTI.

The information is available via a RESTful JSON API, and the rail schedules data can also be downloaded in bulk, in GTFS format.