TransportAPI extends its partnership with First Group for another 3 years

10 May 2021 by Jonathan Raper

TransportAPI is delighted to announce that we have signed a new three year contract with First Group to deliver multimodal travel information to its customers in apps and on websites.

Our Managed services power First Group’s award-winning apps across rail and bus. We stream bus tracking directly into the FirstBus app with industry-leading low latency, and we deliver real-time occupancy for seats and wheelchairs on the bus. TransportAPI also provides the journey planner for the FirstBus website showing both First Group services and other services available.

Screenshot 20210510 173358 First Bus

Behind the scenes TransportAPI drive continuous data quality improvements to ensure that schedules are correctly formatted for integration with other data crucial to passengers such as stops and routes.

Dave Lynch, CIO of First` Group said “we are delighted to extend our partnership with TransportAPI, who have delivered exceptional quality and consistency in the information our customers need every day”.

Jonathan Raper, CEO of TransportAPI said “First Group set the standards for customer information across the industry, and TransportAPI are proud to be a cornerstone of First’s multimodal travel information provision”.