A nominee in the Europa startup awards, Toothpick is a service directory and appointment booking marketplace for dentists across the U.K. It partnered with one of the largest dentist practice management software companies in order to integrate the service directly into the dentists’ online booking calendars. It uses public transport data from TransportAPI to surface public transport options for Toothpick patients.

We use TransportAPI information because it’s the most comprehensive, local, granular data for transport links.

Jozef Wallis, CEO, Toothpick

The founders first met over an emergency dentist appointment booking proposition for London. Research followed, including a survey in which 450 out of 1,000 dental practices failed to pick up the phone during standard practice opening hours and only 40 percent of them were found to have a website. Toothpick knew there was a serious problem in that consumers couldn’t shop around and access up-to-date information. Today, over 50 percent of appointments on Toothpick are booked outside of practice opening hours. According to Lotta Holmberg, in charge of Toothpick’s marketing and communications, initial feasibility research proved the value of providing hyperlocal, contextual information to potential end users:

“We know that dentistry in the mainstay is hyperlocal, we also know that many patients don’t visit the dentist as often as they should. At Toothpick, mapping location and transport information are key to being able to make a clear and informed choice. Combined with live appointment availability, rich bios, treatment information and reviews, … Toothpick patients find the treatment and appointment that’s best suited for them”

Toothpick’s business model is based on a subscription and appointment commission-based fees model. The fees approach is in part driven by the complexity of the dental health system’s arrangements in the U.K. But it is proving a viable model and targets the dental service providers rather than the end users looking for the local information.

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