Screach is a powerful customer communication and entertainment platform designed to drive footfall and increase sales in venues.

Utilising a venue’s existing TV screens, it acts as a sales and marketing tool by providing customers with their own TV channels. The Screach platform comes with pre-loaded engaging content to draw attention to the screens, which is interspersed with bespoke venue adverts.

Working in partnership with Transport API, Screach developed a smart way of using transport data and repackaging it to provide visual data driven screen content which is shown in pubs across the UK.

Screach CEO Robert Rawlinson explains:

“By extracting data from Transport API we have been able to repurpose the content in a highly visual way, so people in pubs can see what time their train or bus is due and if they have time for another drink. This provides them with a much better experience than waiting for a train on a cold platform.

“The solution also makes commercial sense for the pub providing real business benefits to the venues through increasing customer dwell time and ultimately their sales – it’s a win-win situation.”

Using their API, we configured it within about 20 seconds, it’s very easy to do. Once we have integrated with it, we don’t touch the code base.

Robert Rawlinson, CEO, Screach

Venues are exploding as a market and there is a huge value in public transport data in the hyperlocal environment and Screach see public transport data becoming one of their essential offerings.


Transport API