Bus vehicle movements on your users’ screens

Whether bus predictions or vehicle positions, TAPI Bus RTI delivers these into your customers hands. No more missed buses.

No-hassle integration at any scale

Seamlessly publish data by pull or push. Easy to integrate and service thousands of concurrent connections. It’s a breeze to reach your customers!

Fix Data Quality in realtime

Is bad data in your mobile app driving your customers crazy? Where are those buses? We’ve got it covered. Realtime answers and solutions so no more customer complaints.

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What can you do with it?

Buses on a map

Buses On A Map

Give your customers an “Uber for Buses” experience. Animated realtime buses with full route patterns and nearest bus stops.

Reveal bus occupancy providing COVID peace of mind, where source data allows.

Use TAPI Bus RTI for your bus fleet to power your urban traffic control dashboard. Our plug and play APIs offer you endless options.

Show your customers the next scheduled departures from the nearest bus stops.

Realtime bus stop departures

Realtime bus stop departures

Showing your customers the next departure from their nearest bus stop means they are more likely to get their bus.

Satisfied customers are the best sauce for those positive app reviews.

Also, before you show the realtime bus departures for a bus stop nearby, via a specialised API, you’d most likely need to know a code of the bus stop, to feed into the API. Use TAPI Places to find that ATCO code or any other identifier that you might need.

How it works


Easy and scalable API

Seamlessly integrate our polling RESTful JSON API into your backend systems or web and mobile apps to power screens that automatically refresh every few seconds.

Our streaming Websocket JSON-RPC API is exactly what you need to send those push notifications to your customers phones and make those buses move.

Never worry about scale. We handle hundreds of polling API queries and also deliver hundreds of streaming API payloads per second for over 25% of the UK transit apps by operator market share.

Data sources

Open data blended with your SIRI feeds at scale

TAPI Bus RTI ingests and blends all the industry open standard open data for bus RTI such as the GB-wide Bus RTI from the Traveline Nextbuses SIRI SM and BODS SIRI VM.

Giving you more control, coverage and speed than the open data sources, TAPI Bus RTI will work seamlessly with your organisation’s SIRI SM or SIRI VM data feeds.

With TAPI Bus RTI you’ve got the best of both worlds. Your data published instantly backfilled with open data where you lack coverage.

Data Quality reports

Sophisticated Data Quality monitoring

TAPI Bus RTI comes with a sophisticated set of monitoring capabilities helping you identify and fix errors in your realtime data on-the-fly. And we know that great data means great customer app reviews.

If your customer does complain about a missing or late bus, you can easily interrogate the underlying data quickly identifying and fixing the problem with your data department.

If it’s management looking at an overall RTI data health report for the whole bus fleet, you get that as well.

Sounds good?

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