Easy to use, point-to-point bus fares via an API

Access data from the Bus Open Data Service without having to handle and maintain, large and complex NeTEx datasets. TAPI Bus Fares does the heavylifting. You get a simple, yet powerful, API.

Seamless links to contextual data

The TAPI Bus Fares API links to journey plans, schedules, realtime updates and full route geometry. Effortlessly give your users more context and convenience, and increase public transport ridership.

No-hassle integration at any scale

Data is accessed via a scalable REST JSON API. Easy and simple to integrate at any scale, both in a user-facing or data mining context.

Always fresh and accurate data

Don’t want to show the wrong bus ticket prices to your users and have them overpay, right? We constantly refresh the data for you, so that you avoid nasty surprises.

What can you do with it?

Bus fares data for apps and websites

Add bus ticket prices to your app or website

TAPI Journey Planner and TAPI Bus Information power apps that allow users to plan their journeys, and show them realtime information from nearby bus stops.

Take journey planning to the next level by adding the price of bus travel, using TAPI Bus Fares. Pique their interest, and encourage them to buy tickets from you.

Travel corridors analytics

Identify cheap bus travel corridors or optimise travel costs for your employees.

Need to account for the cost of travel when searching for the best location of a new office, or store? TAPI Bus Fares and TAPI Journey Planner can facilitate data mining analysis to optimise site location based on the time and cost of travel.

How it works


Easy and scalable API

The RESTful JSON API is easy to consume and integrate into backend systems or web and mobile apps. No need to parse, import and maintain complicated NeTEx files or blend them with TransXChange, SIRI SM and journey planning engines: we do that out-of-the-box for you.

Oh.. and don’t worry about scale. We handle hundreds of API queries per second for about 25% of the UK transit apps by user market share.

Fares data sources

Powered by British open data

TAPI Bus Fares uses the recently introduced DfT BODS bus fares dataset* and manages that data for you, while providing a powerful API on top.

TAPI Bus Fares also works in tandem with our well-established products TAPI Journey Planner and TAPI Bus Information in order to produce an integrated solution for a wide range of use cases.

*While the dataset is still new and yet to fully mature, it’s under constant development and improvement by DfT BODS and that’s the best nationwide dataset available.

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