Feature-rich. A breeze to use.

We've done all the hard work so you don't have to. Seamlessly integrate transport data into your products and services using our managed services.

Live departures

Power your applications with real time Bus RTI or Rail RTI managed services giving your customers up to the minute information.



We’ve got bus schedules, rail schedules and the rest. We’ve captured these complex beasts for the whole country and wrangled them into easily integrated up-to-date data via our RESTful API.


Journey Planning

With multiple journey planner options you can pick the one that suits you best. Private car, public transport, cycle or taxi: you decide.



Search for every transport access point on the UK network with our Places managed service, plus streets, postcodes and places, by name, code, or location. Customisable to meet your needs.



If you need to GTFS data by download or USB stick we can supply this in this bulk, static format. Check out our Bus Schedules and Rail Schedules managed services for more detail.


Bus Route Geometry

The actual routes taken by buses between stops for every bus service in the UK through our Bus Schedules managed service.


Bus Service Search

Find any UK bus service by operator, line name or location. Available via our Bus Schedules managed service.


Performance indicators

Past, present and future we’ve got it covered. Historic and realtime snapshots of the public transport network. Great for modelling and predictions.



Want to know the cost of a taxi from anywhere to anywhere? Other fares can be integrated upon request.

Transport API