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TransportAPI Release Interactive Usage Examples

24 Jun 2021 by David Mountain

At TransportAPI we are lucky enough to see the things that developers using our API build every day. There are some magnificent examples out there, from the First Bus app with its need for high quality data, high performance and robust architecture. Through to Balena IO’s Chris Crocker-White who developed a Raspberry Pi powered live...

Transport for the North Open Beta release of SIRI-SX disruption messaging by TransportAPI

5 May 2020 by Jonathan Raper

At a time of huge change in public transport due to CoronaVirus it is especially important to have the most up-to-date information on your journey. However, until now non-rail disruption information has been published separately by each operator and/or local authority and there was no one place to go for updates on the services you...

Tutorial: An Easter egg hunt with “places”

14 Apr 2017 by Jonathan Raper

Back in December we introduced our new endpoint called “places”. In this tutorial we will create a web page with javascript to do a call to that. Since it allows us to do a textual search, and since it’s Easter…. let’s search for “Eggs” This tutorial is more about web development, and less about TransportAPI,...

Wimbledon themed TransportAPI examples at IBM’s datapalooza

28 Jul 2016 by Jonathan Raper

IBM held a “datapalooza” event at skills matter last month. This was during the wimbledon tournament (before Andy Murray had taken the title!) and the event was a mashup of various data related things in and around the IBM ecosystem, with a wimbledon spin on it! I was invited to show TransportAPI and so talked...