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Improved bus stop names

3 May 2017 by Jonathan Raper

You may not be aware that every bus stop in the UK has a name. Certainly bus passengers will tend to happily travel without knowing the name their bus stop, however bus stop names are a useful bit of data, typically forming part of transport application search result displays or timetable displays. We made an...

Automatically selecting a journey planning service

7 Apr 2017 by Jonathan Raper

We added a feature to our journey planning API: this automatically selects the most appropriate service provider depending on whether the journey is within, or outside of, London. “Journey Planning” involves you specifying a “from” and a “to” location to receive back journey details including multiple alternatives, which may make use of multiple means of...

Places – Our new UK geocoding tool

15 Dec 2016 by Jonathan Raper

Our new “Places” endpoint takes millions of location data points (“places”) from across the UK and makes them searchable. We’ve been┬átesting the Places endpoint for a few months now and we’re excited to share the results with you.┬áThe geocoded data points it includes are: 500k Bus, train, tube, coach stops from the Traveline National Dataset...

Signing up to TransportAPI just got easier

2 Dec 2016 by Jonathan Raper

developer.transportapi.com is the gateway for developers to begin using our API. This part of our website has recently undergone a bit of a refresh. We hope you like the style makeover, but there’s a couple of concrete improvements particularly for the benefit of new developers as they sign-up: Sign up with a github account If...

Automating bus route geometries

13 Sep 2016 by Jonathan Raper

There are over 16,800 bus routes in the UK and we are launching a new feature in TransportAPI.com that will enable you to map the precise geometry of every single bus route. Currently many bus companies and local authorities have to draw out route shapes and maps one at a time. They do this using...