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Case study: Nationwide Buses On A Map

27 Jun 2022 by David Mountain

Showing the location of buses on a map is a game-changer for Real Time Information. No matter how accurate the predicted arrival times of buses at stops, this information alone falls short of the Uber app experience that users now expect. Telling a user that a bus is three minutes away is useful, but without...

Data Quality: why we measure it and how it benefits you

5 Oct 2021 by David Mountain

Data quality is fundamental to everything we do at TransportAPI. We ingest data sources from across the industry and have learned the signs of what good and poor quality data looks like. We mitigate for issues as much as we are able, but fundamentally, improvement is driven by reporting specific problems back to data source...

New Product Release: TAPI Rail Information

29 Sep 2021 by David Mountain

At TransportAPI, we have been serving rail schedules data and real-time information (RTI) for almost ten years. Today we are relaunching our rail offer as TAPI Rail Information, inline with our other Managed Services. Clients who trust us to serve their customers with accurate rail passenger information include Great Western Railway, Heathrow, Avanti West Coast,...

New Product Release: TAPI Bus Fares

17 Sep 2021 by David Mountain

We are proud to launch TAPI Bus Fares: a managed service which delivers fresh bus fares data to you, via Britain’s first Bus Fares API. The 2017 Bus Services Act requires Bus Operators to publish timetables, locations and fares for all the services that they run. From January 2021, data has been released on the...

TransportAPI Release Interactive Usage Examples

24 Jun 2021 by David Mountain

At TransportAPI we are lucky enough to see the things that developers using our API build every day. There are some magnificent examples out there, from the First Bus app with its need for high quality data, high performance and robust architecture. Through to Balena IO’s Chris Crocker-White who developed a Raspberry Pi powered live...

TransportAPI and COVID-19

20 Mar 2020 by David Mountain

Like so many other organisations around the World, we at TransportAPI have had our workloads radically reprioritised as a result of COVID-19. We’ve temporarily paused many of the long-term projects we have been working on, and instead focussed on how we can provide the most accurate schedule and real time transport information we can, at...