TransportAPI evolves the free offer

16 Aug 2021 by Jonathan Raper

When TransportAPI was founded in 2012 we were the first open API for transport data in the UK. Since that time we have maintained a permanent free open service up to a daily ceiling. We did this because we had infrastructure with low marginal cost for small users, and because we wanted to support users to find the value in transport data. Over the last 9 years almost 12,000 organisations and individuals have signed up to use TransportAPI.

As a consequence of some changes in our infrastructure, we are no longer going to be able to offer free permanent access to TransportAPI. There are now also many more government sources of free data for users to access for non-revenue making services. Therefore, as of 7th September, new users of TransportAPI will get 5 times more free access, but for a fixed 30 day trial period. During the trial, we will be in touch and we will support you to transition to a managed service that will meet your needs when the trial is over.

As part of TransportAPI’s move to become a managed service provider, we are now dedicated to finding and supporting those who can create value from our data. We are extending our website and developer pages, and we will be in contact with existing active free users to plan a migration to a managed service option.

Our business is transitioning to a new model and we hope you can join us on the journey!