TransportAPI is becoming a Managed Service provider in Transport

24 Sep 2020 by Jonathan Raper

We are a band of self-confessed geeks here at TransportAPI, and we like to concentrate on delivery at scale and with high data quality. We have been delivering billions of data responses per year to large organisations such as First Group, National Express and Transport for the North (amongst others) since 2012 and we now supply data to more than 25% of bus and rail app users in the UK. Our platform undertakes real-time aggregation of data sources from across public transport and we power services like live bus tracking for FirstBus, the disruption messaging service on the TfN Open Data Hub and public transport information in the Heathrow Journey Planner.

FirstBus live bus tracking with occupancy

In the drive to improve our services year on year, the need for mastery of data quality has risen inexorably, and we anchor our delivery in standards such as SIRI and rigorous service design. This has led us to evolve our delivery from a bare API to a suite of managed services where our data integration and quality management processes have become key parts of our delivery. Next month we will take the next step of making these Managed services available to all of our users, and we will introduce them to you in an upcoming blog.

This means the first changes for our users since we founded TransportAPI in 2012. As we have always promised we will continue to offer free access to low volume open transport data, but we will now be able to offer the full power of our new Managed Services to our paying customers. Access to some of our existing plans will change and you can find the full list of new Managed services and endpoints on our developer site.

We have always put transparency at the heart of our business values. Our Terms and Conditions have a widely praised Plain English version (written by our own Emer Coleman), so we hope that it is still easy to understand how our Manged services work. The digested read (TL/DR) is that we offer you the plug and play content you need for your customer experiences from our world-class transport data platform, and you pay for scale, support and guarantees according to your needs.

We look forward to working with you to deliver awesome customer experiences for your users, and we hope to see you using our Managed Services soon.

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