We are expanding our team (again!)

18 Jun 2020 by Jonathan Raper

TransportAPI is a rapidly-growing, investor-funded business, currently expanding our core tech team to meet the demand for API-powered transport information and analytics. Our platform has Britain’s public transport timetables, live departures, routes, places, and journey planning. Our managed services power transport information screens in the mobile apps and websites for two of the top five transport operators in Britain, First Group and National Express, as well as Heathrow Airport. We work on joint projects with transport authorities such as Transport for West Midlands and Transport for the North (where we run the Open Data Hub). More than 8,000 developers have signed up on the platform including BT, Astra Zeneca, IKEA, Snowdrop, Liveposter, Screenreach, ELGIN, Resonate, FWT, Trapeze, Grand Visual and the Universities of Warwick, Lancaster and South Wales.

What’s our culture?

We’re a distributed modern software company spanning several countries and timezones. We work mostly through online tools such as Slack, Google Meet, Github, Zoom and email but we also meet f2f at team building retreats, client meetings or at our London and Sofia office space. We’re flexible about working hours and family commitments but in exchange, we require a self-starter approach where everyone takes initiative, owns the task to completion and delivers on time. We’re all about open, clear and respectful communication and operate a very flat hierarchy. We don’t like power politics and bureaucracy so we avoid them as well. Our work ethos is to optimise for team throughput: if I can save you 5 hours by helping you in 5 minutes, then I will give you that time. It’s all about team delivery and keeping customers happy. These values are enshrined in our Team Principles and we reference them when we need to know how to handle stuff.

Working practices

We practice lean and agile software development but we try not to fall victims of a cargo cult – to ceremonies, buzz words, hypes and fads… and to just do something because it’s written in a book or because the others are doing it.

To us, lean and agile has tangible meaning – react to customer demands and changing market needs quickly, optimise the throughput of the whole system but not individual parts of it, relentlessly identify and eliminate bottlenecks and wasteful activities.

Currently, we use Kanban in its true spirit – to try to keep the work in progress low and push the tasks to completion as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our toolbox

In our toolbox we have:

  • Ruby and Ruby on Rails
  • PostgreSQL (running on AWS Aurora)
  • Chef for configuration management
  • Terraform for infrastructure-as-a-code
  • AWS, as everything runs on it
  • Haskell, Elixir and Go for specific purposes
  • ELK stack and a 3rd party managed monitoring platform for observability

What can we offer you?


Scale a heavily used platform which serves hundreds of queries per second for billions of transactions per year, powering critical infrastructure and services for which downtime is not an option.


You’ll work within a great team, engage with big clients transporting millions of people daily and design the most comprehensive API for public transport anywhere. You’ll meet people with different cultural and technical backgrounds and you’ll have the opportunity to learn something from each of them.


This is not that kind of a boring job at which you code someone else ideas from 9 to 5, here everything you do matters. There are plenty of opportunities to make a difference – dev, ops, infrastructure, processes, you name it.


Your working hours have both a decent overlap with the team and also a lot of freedom for the rest: you choose your workplace and setup.


We work hard but compensate well. Compensation at TransportAPI is not hierarchical, it’s based on merit and incentives and it reflects the value to the business. If you bring skills, commitment, a real team ethic and a desire to win long term, we will pay you well.

If you are interested in joining TransportAPI at this time, we are recruiting to the following roles… please click the links for details:

Lead Backend Engineer

More roles to follow soon…