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22 Oct 2019 by Jonathan Raper

Navigating today’s transport system requires the most accurate and up-to-date information available. TransportAPI are trusted by some of the largest transport operators, hubs and authorities in the UK to deliver this information to millions of UK travellers using apps, screens and alerts. Delivering billions of transactions per year to these travellers has required a 100-person year investment at TransportAPI to become a Managed Service Provider (MSP) of transport data.

TransportAPI provides a wide range of managed services to First Group to power customer experiences across their portfolio of digital services. These include:

  • the delivery of an enhanced journey planner for the FirstBus website
  • on-station live bus departure screens for South Western Railway
  • maps of every bus route in the country for the First Group suite of apps

“Our partnership opens up some great opportunities to integrate our data with other transport feeds and provide customers with better journey planning information” says Dave Lynch, CIO, FirstGroup

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As the leading MSP in the UK transport sector TransportAPI provide the most comprehensive managed data service in the industry, powering 25% of bus and rail apps nationally. Our services ensure that the data we handle becomes the information infrastructure that customers can rely on. To achieve these standards of delivery we monitor the source data and manage the data flows to guarantee high availability (with failover to alternate sources if needed). As transport data is volatile… like the transport system itself, we run ongoing data forensics to identify and mitigate errors as we integrate and enhance data for delivery.

As an example of this work TransportAPI delivers live bus tracking to the NX Bus app enabling hundreds of thousands of travellers in the West Midlands to see the real-time position of their bus on a map. Transport for West Midlands has funded a bus journey archiving service so that real bus journey times can be displayed to travellers based on recent journey timings.

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TransportAPI offers managed services backed by our Enterprise platform to deliver the most widely used customer experiences, including:

  • Journey planning from leading providers with disruption enhancements
  • Transport places lookup for stops/stations, charged by request not autocomplete
  • Multimodal live departures across the country with cost saving request caching
  • Bus tracking direct to apps/websites based on operator SIRI-VM feeds
  • Service performance archiving for schedule improvements/ congestion detection
  • National multimodal schedule data in GTFS format delivered weekly or monthly
  • Bus Service Act compliance management for TransXchange and SIRI-VM data

All of these services are available to augment Google or mTicketing core services.

We make it simple for you to deliver the best digital experiences for your customers. We offer simple royalty-free pricing based on the setup/design work required, a managed service fee and any additional data costs. We include a service level agreement and data quality maintenance so that you can trust TransportAPI to keep the data flowing 24/7.

TransportAPI is the provider of the TfN Open Data Hub that will start delivering disruption and fares data across the north in early 2020. The TfN Open Data Hub will power all the leading apps and services such as Google Maps, CityMapper and Moovit with data at scale to give the northern traveller access to the most up-to date transport information in the UK.

“By providing quality, open and reliable data, the Open Data Hub and Disruptions Messaging Tool will help make getting from A to B an improved and more seamless experience”
Barry White, Chief Executive at Transport for the North

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At TransportAPI we have learned that delivering managed services to power digital customer experiences requires engineering at infrastructure standards. Get in touch if you would like to leverage our experience to deliver the managed service way.