TransportAPI Showcase

8 Jun 2019 by Jonathan Raper

TransportAPI was founded as an open data company, and spent 18 months of its early life based at the Open Data Institute. We are proud therefore to continue giving free access to open transport data in a number of different ways.
As we have done since 2012, we continue to offer you free transport data from where you can register an account, read our plain English terms, and collect up to 1000 hits worth of data per day from your free allowance. Our terms give you full rights to this data so if you want to collect it, add value and redistribute it… that’s fine. Just let us know what you are doing with the data and if we can help you.

We also offer a community resource at Open TransportAPI where you can get data from a shared daily allowance on a Creative Commons CC BY-NC 4.0 licence that is also free as in beer. Just use the ‘open’ subdomain before your transportAPI requests. Use this in any commercial or non-commercial way that you want… just credit the source and tweet us on @transportapi to big up your project. We are looking for sponsorship of this resource, so please get in touch with us if you’d like to know more.

TransportAPI showcase

We use Open TransportAPI to power the TransportAPI Showcase site where you can see a number of different data sets we publish. Check our our real-time delay maps of the London Underground and National Rail services… and browse all the bus routes in the country along with live bus tracking across the West Midlands. You can also explore GB train fares and try out our Open Trip Planner multimodal journey planner service.
We continue to be informed and impressed by the way that our users use the data we publish. More than 7000 users have signed up to use TransportAPI… keep your applications coming and be sure to give us feedback to help us improve and expand.