Dev Ops Engineering Role TransportAPI

22 Feb 2019 by Emer Coleman

TransportAPI is the digital platform for transport. Our Enterprise services power the API backend providing core data supply for the mobile apps and websites for two of the top five transport operators in Britain, First Group and National Express, as well as Heathrow Airport. We work on joint projects with transport authorities such as Transport for West Midlands and Transport for the North. We also power the open transport data service funded by Transport Systems Catapult. More than 5,000 developers have signed up on the platform including BT, Astra Zeneca, IKEA, Snowdrop, Liveposter, Screenreach, ELGIN, Resonate, FWT, Trapeze, Grand Visual and the Universities of Warwick, Lancaster and South Wales. We’re looking for a Dev Ops Engineer to join our growing team. 

What’s our culture?

We’re a strongly distributed modern software company spanning several countries and timezones. We work mostly through online tools such as Slack, Google Meet, Github and email but we also meet f2f at team building retreats, client meetings or at our London and Sofia office space. We’re flexible about working hours and family commitments but in exchange we require a self-starter approach where everyone takes initiative and delivers on time. We’re all about open, clear and respectful communication and operate a very flat hierarchy. We don’t like power politics and bureaucracy so we avoid them as well. Our work ethos is to optimise for team throughput: if I can save you 5 hours by helping you in 5 minutes, then I do it. It’s all about the team so no lone wolves need apply. These values are enshrined in our Team Principles and we reference them when we need to know how to handle stuff. 

Working practices

We practice agile development but the gravitational force of our platform always pulls us back to pragmatics. We have our tools of choice in Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL and Chef running on AWS but we develop in Haskell, Go, Java and others when needed. 

What can we offer you?

Scale a heavily used platform which serves hundreds of queries per second for billions of transactions per year, and needs to scale up by orders of magnitude from here.

You’ll work within a great team, engage with big clients transporting millions of people daily and design the most comprehensive API for public transport anywhere.


your working hours have both a decent overlap with the team and also a lot of freedom for the rest: you choose your work place and setup. So we know how much stuff costs to deliver we record the time we spend and we use that to claim research and development credits from the UK government as we invest so much in our next generation technology.


we work hard but compensate well. Compensation at TransportAPI is not hierarchical, it’s based on merit and incentives and it reflects the value to the business. If you brings skills, commitment, a real team ethic and a desire to win long term, we will pay you well.

Your Abilities and Attitude


  • Being flexible and working in a team: collaborating with colleagues having a wide range of backgrounds and approaches. Demonstrable experience of team work, no lone wolves accepted.
  • Working in a distributed manner: we’re spread across several countries and timezones and take a very distributed approach to work but we also have physical offices and some of us interact with each other f2f on a regular basis.
  • Taking initiative and ownership into identifying problems in the code and infrastructure, improving processes and proposing solutions.
  • Can manage complex tasks associated with collaborative solution development.
  • Can manage workloads, solve problems and work independently.
  • A pragmatic mindset: write good code and build stable infrastructure while meeting deadlines 
  • Can see our work from the client’s point of view as well as our own.


  • Ability to represent the company and its projects externally to clients.


As part of the operations team at TransportAPI you will be responsible for the performance, stability, and ongoing improvements of our platform. Your job is to prepare our systems to sustain the usual traffic, be able to handle the peaks, and automatically recover in case of disaster. 

Your responsibilities

  • Improve the stability, performance, and security of our platform in order to maintain our SLAs and ensure great service.
  • Design and implement internal Chef cookbooks and additional tooling.
  • Maintain and improve our monitoring, alerting, and reporting systems.
  • DevOps attitude: constantly educate the development team about operations, and learn how to improve instrumentation in order to facilitate their job.
  • Be willing to work flexibly to handle deployments and some exceptional events affecting the API e.g. weather creating high data demand, when we need all staff to help support the platform.

Your experience and skills


  • Solid experience in troubleshooting, tuning, profiling, and monitoring Linux systems.
  • Understanding of network protocols such as TCP/IP, HTTP, TLS, DNS, etc.
  • Demonstrable experience with configuration management systems such as Chef (or Puppet, Ansible, etc.), orchestration tools such as Terraform (or CloudFormation), and Continuous Delivery.
  • Ability to write code collaboratively via GitHub pull requests, code reviews, code style guides, pair programming, etc.
  • Good knowledge of cloud platforms, preferably AWS (EC2, S3, RDS, Route53, CloudWatch, etc).


  • Desire to automate tedious day to day tasks, proactive attitude.
  • Enjoying remote work and being able to communicate accordingly.

To apply send your CV and expression of interest to