New apps by First Group

25 Apr 2017 by Jonathan Raper

First Group are launching a series of new apps for each of their operating businesses in the first half of 2017. The new apps include. “First Bus” on iOS and on android, and also “TransPennine Express” on iOS and Android, with more apps to appear over the next few months.

With hundreds of thousands of downloads, these apps are seeing heavy use. TransportAPI are the core transport data provider to First Group across all of their customer-facing apps, as well as websites (including the ‘next bus’ site we mentioned this time last year)

These apps were created by The App Business who we’ve been working closely with, to help design the data interactions needed to power their user interfaces. Generally the apps are making use of TransportAPI’s live bus/train departure queries, and places lookups, with some interesting challenges around ids being used to cross-reference.