Signing up to TransportAPI just got easier

2 Dec 2016 by Jonathan Raper is the gateway for developers to begin using our API. This part of our website has recently undergone a bit of a refresh. We hope you like the style makeover, but there’s a couple of concrete improvements particularly for the benefit of new developers as they sign-up:

Sign up with a github account

If you’ve already got a github account (which many developers do these days of course) then you can sign up for an account with us in just two clicks! Click ‘Authenticate with github’, and on the github site click ‘Authorize’. We’ll authenticate securely via github and simply make use of the same username and email address which you have registered there. Job done! If you’re not on github you can still fill in the form to pick a user name etc as normal.


Find your app_key and app_id … easily!

Once you’re signed up, it should be easy (and now it is easy!) to find the credentials which you can begin using within URLs to authenticate yourself. Your app_key and app_id that is.

You can still view credentials of your default application, register new applications and regenerate keys as desired, but now your default application key is much easier to spot on the developer portal homepage.


We hope these improvements will help new developers get started. Give it a try now at!