Automating bus route geometries

13 Sep 2016 by Jonathan Raper

There are over 16,800 bus routes in the UK and we are launching a new feature in that will enable you to map the precise geometry of every single bus route.


Currently many bus companies and local authorities have to draw out route shapes and maps one at a time. They do this using mapping tools and sometimes manually. You can imagine how costly and inefficient this is particularly in areas where bus routes change frequently.

The new bus route geometry feature at will enable transport operators, app developers and transport modellers to automatically display up-to-date bus route data in apps and websites. Once the final version of the endpoint goes live will be able to offer monthly, automated updates of all bus route geometries. This has got the potential to save transport operators, local authorities and transport modellers lots of time and money.

This new transport intelligence will be particularly helpful for:

  • transport operators – to see their own bus routes (and those of competitors) and display them to customers
  • transport modellers – to map current bus routes against demography data, for example, and identify underserved areas
  • telco companies – to deduce which bus routes their customers might have travelled on
  • app developers – to add new features to transport apps
  • local authorities – to see which areas existing operators serve
  • general public – to see the actual route your bus is about take after you get on board in your preferred journey planning app (rather than see your route as a straight line between two bus stops)

If you’d like to join our alpha testing group for the bus route geometries endpoint then please contact us.