Matching house prices to your journey home

17 Jun 2016 by Jonathan Raper

Liveposter Santander St Pancras Liveposter Santander Waterloo

We love to see innovative applications of TransportAPI data and this recent dynamic ad campaign from Santander and Liveposter, a digital advertiser, impressed us.

Our partner, Liveposter, blended realtime TransportAPI journey time data with Santander average house price data on Transvision screens across a number of London rail stations.

Here’s the cool bit; specific ads would be timed to display just before specific trains were due to leave the station. By timing these adverts to coincide and match the next departures commuters waiting in front of the departure boards were able to see relevant average house prices for destinations that would fall into their journey home.

TransportAPI live departure data enabled the ad campaign to be timely, relevant and reach the largest number of people possible.

We’re seeing a growing number of digital out of home advertisers (DOOH) using TransportAPI data. We’ve provided live transport data for the British Gas Home Hive campaigns. Bars and pubs close to train and bus stations display our live data on TV screens in their venues (via Screach) to let their customers know if they’ve got time for another drink.

Out of Home adspend in the UK broke the £1 billion barrier in 2014, and is predicted to grow by 4.8% in 2016, according to forecasts from the Advertising Association. We’re looking forward to seeing the DOOH market develop further and the resulting innovations on top of our data.