New tube performance features

We’re one of the datasets featured at Campus Party EU, a massive hackathon taking place in the O2 arena this week:

UntitledMonday afternoon at the hackathon in O2 arena – photo cc-by-sa Toni Hermoso Pulido

TransportAPI offers live and timetable data for bus, tube, and train in London and across the UK.

In addition to these offerings we’ve just rolled out a new set of features for accessing our archive of tube performance data. is a demo application giving some idea of what these hi-fidelity performance metrics can be used for, but this is barely scratching the surface, we have archives over time going back more than a year, recorded for every platform on the network.

Documentation for our new ‘tube performance’ features
(example URLs and json/csv output)

This “Datathon” event has a focus on city visualisations for a period over christmas and new year 2012-2013. This time period is all accessible via timestamp calls to our API, however we’ve also set up this bulk download CSV file for your convenience and data visualisational enjoyment! : (11.5 MB)

Tube stations are referenced by their three letter codes in this CSV file. You can retrieve further data on the stations, along with all our other goodies such as bus and train info, by calling the TransportAPI (sign up for an API key here)

Happy hacking!